Frequently Asked Questions

The common pricing of reputed IAS coaching in Hyderabad starts from Rs 70,000 for a batch. The pricing may differ when compared to one batch with another. It is very important to select the right coaching centre in order to be prepared for the exam in the right way. If you are looking for the coaching centre in Hyderabad at an affordable pricing then you can check out Tirumal Classes which  provide the right coaching.

There are numerous coaching centres in hyderabad but, it is necessary to select the right  coaching centre which provides each and everything which you need for the exam in the right manner. The few best UPSC coaching centre in Hyderabad are:

AKS IAS coaching, Plutus IAS coaching, Tirumal Classes, Brain tree coaching.

Hyderabad is one of the best when it comes to IAS coaching. In hyderabad you get many good IAS coaching centres which will provide you a good guide for preparation along with the faculties who will be there for clearing all the guides and making you understand topics in the easiest ways. If you are looking for the coaching centre in Hyderabad  then you can check out Tirumala Classes which  provide the right coaching.

The best college for IAS in Telangana is Shine India Degree and IAS Academy as it has the coaching along with the college resulting in the best IAS college in Telangana which is in Hyderabad.

When it comes to the best city for preparing for IAS then;

  • Delhi comes at the top as it has good opportunities and well known coaching centres.
  • Mumbai would be the next to prepare for the IAS as it it famous in India
  • Lucknow would also be the best to prepare for IAS
  • Hyderabad has good IAS coaching centres which would help students for preparation.

The normal salary of an IAS officer would start from Rs 56,100 as per 7th Pay Commission along with this salary an IAS officer is given different allowances which would be very beneficial for them as in travelling allowances, etc.

To be honest, the IAS study would be costly for many people. The coaching and college fee would turn out to be costly but what matters at the end is the result of becoming an IAS officer which would eventually be a huge benefit in the future.

IAS preparation is not an easy one, but the time of preparation with or without coaching would depend on the student’s capacity of studying. It would be helpful to prepare with the help of coaching as it would be much helpful to clear in the short period of time rather than self studying.

The training period of an IAS officer is for 2 years which starts with 3 months of foundation course and major training continuous after that period of time.

The very best time to join IAS coaching is from the beginning of the batches which would be the beginning of the course period as that would ensure to attend all the classes and there would be no chance of missing any important notes or information about the course.  If you are looking for the coaching centre in Hyderabad  then you can check out Tirumal Classes as it has different batches at the beginning of every course year.

If you are looking for a free coaching for UPSC in Hyderabad then, HICS which is started to provide free high quality coaching for the students who are genuinely interested. HICS is the non-profit organisation which is registered as a society.

Main aim of IAS officers is to implement the policies provided by the government and to serve the government and people with their needs. To become an IAS officer it is important to clear the exam with different rounds of exam in prelim, mains and the interview. IAS is a major career which requires a lot of hard work and patience as it leads to a bright future.

The questions asked in IAS could start from basic personal information and introduction then they test your general knowledge and different perspectives towards different situations. It is necessary to prepare for such types of question as

  • What are your career goals?
  • Your perspective towards different people?
  • What have you learnt from your mistakes?

And many more related questions which would test your personality.

The UPSC recruitment is held once in a year. And there will be a particular number of people recruited for UPSC every year according to the requirement of the vacancy. A candidate is recruited as an IAS officer only when he clears the prelims, mains and the final round of interview.

The number of attempts to apply for UPSC changes according to different categories of candidates. The general categories have the limits of attempting 6 times till the age of 32 years.  There will be no limit for SC and ST castes.

The exam pattern of the mains will be divided into different categories into different subjects.

The paper will consist of different parts and would make you differentiate the different topics present in the syllabus.

There are various document proofs which are required  to claim for reservation process of recruitment which is

  • Scanned photograph
  • Adhar card, Pan Card, Birth Certificate, Driving Licence
  • Caste certificate
  • Certification supporting age relaxation claim.
  • Educational certificates 10th, 12th and graduation.

These are the mandatory certificates required and proper guidelines of certificates will be informed by the higher authorities at the time of recruitment process.

For UPSC preparation there are no fixed months which could be taken as a consideration for current affairs, but still if you are looking for a closer then it would be helpful to learn at least 1 year or 12 months of current affairs before the exam period. The last six months would be very helpful. Current affairs plays a major part in the exam and it is necessary to be clear with all the current affairs. If you are looking for UPSC classes in hyderabad than Tirumal classes would be very helpful in providing all important current affairs as well as with all the major subjects which will appear in the UpSC exam. To know more about the Tirumal classes you can get to know from their website and get more information about the classes and its structure.

To deal with new trends of history it is necessary to be updating yourself from everywhere and about each and every topic which would seem to be important for the UPSC exam. Refer the new published textbooks as well as the old books which have all the top topics related to history. Divide the modern history as well as the ancient history and make different notes which would make you understand it in a better perspective. Preparing for the UPSC exam would not be an easy task but there are smart methods of learning which would surely reduce your stress and make you manage your time properly, so plan everything before you proceed for the UPSC examination. History is a very important subject in the UPSC exam and would cover the major part of the examination, so, it is important to prepare for history in the best way possible until which would make you remember all the major dates and events.

When you are preparing for the UPSC exam then, Economics is a must subject which comes along with a survey and budget in which you should be updated through newspapers and different articles. Economic textbooks would also be very helpful in this but the current statistics of economics would always be available online. It is necessary to grab knowledge from all kinds of sources to be well prepared for the economics as the present situation would be asked more. Economics is one of the major subjects of UPSC and being prepared in the best way possible in this subject would be really helpful to score points in the examination.

The UPSC paper consists of all the major subjects which will be important but priority wise Indian History, Geography, Economics and Environment would be more important. All these subjects cover the major parts of the paper and it is important to be well prepared in those subjects. If you are preparing for the UPSC exam and looking for guidance then joining an UPSC class would be a good solution and Tirumal class is in Hyderabad for the people who are looking for it. Tirumal classes would guide you properly with all the important subjects, notes and audio podcasts as well. Preparing for the UPSC exam would not be an easy task but there are smart methods of learning which would surely reduce your stress and make you manage your time properly, so plan everything before you proceed for the UPSC examination.

Getting coached by an experienced UPSC coaching faculty is a game changer when it comes to UPSC preparation. As an aspirant who is determined to ace UPSC, one should do everything possible to survive the competition. Proper guidance, strategic schedule, different material sources and most of all the inputs from an experienced teacher at a UPSC coaching institute can take you places. Having a guiding force behind your individual efforts will give you that extra strength to clear UPSC. It is a matter of fact that not all of us can afford to go to Delhi for coaching, there are few affordable & exceptional UPSC coaching academies in Hyderabad. There are many out there who would suggest that there is no need to opt for UPSC coaching to clear your exams. If you believe you could crack the exam without going for proper coaching, imagine what you could achieve with the enormous assistance from an institute. 

It is not completely true that every aspirant should have their experience from their initial attempts to crack the exam later. Everyone has access to the previous question papers and syllabus patterns and other resources, so it doesn’t make sense that the experience from your first attempt is absolutely necessary. Of course every attempt teaches you something new but this mindset will push you back more than it being an help. So it is necessary that every aspirant should take their first attempt as seriously as their last. How good you gave your first attempt will make you that much more confident in going for the next, which eventually leads you to being more ready for your exam. Giving your all and being positive for every attempt is what makes you different from the rest. 

It is a well known fact that time management is the most crucial factor while preparing for the Civil Service Examination. With its vast syllabus, preparing the entire syllabus of Civil Service Exams has become monumental task for students. So if there is one thing that could help IAS students in improving their learning it is Time Management. The best outcome of Time Management is that it helps in reducing stress about the limited time and helps you focus on the subject in hand.  Preparing a proper schedule will be different for each individual aspirant, it depends on their own speed & process of learning. There a few sources out there to help students in planning their own time managing routine, one those are the informative podcasts from “Tirumal Classes”. Not only time management there are several other insightful pieces of knowledge offered by these podcasts and it’s the easiest form of media which you can learn from.

The Test Series for UPSC will allow you to gauge your own skill and progress when it comes to preparing for IAS exams. These tests will also give you the required input of your strengths and weaknesses. UPSC exams are known to be one of the most prestigious and toughest exams to crack. It is important to get used to tackling negative marking in these exams. So the more you test yourself the better you will become. UPSC Test Series will also bring the factor of competing with your fellow aspirants, especially when you are at a coaching institute. Test Series will also make you ready for being under the pressure of time and helps you react well under pressure. It also helps in breaking down the vast syllabus of UPSC, by giving you a clear assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Clearing IAS exams is not just dependent on your knowledge, your exam-skill also plays a crucial part.  

Although in the past Delhi was considered as the popular hub of IAS academies, it isn’t the case anymore. There are many well established institutes which are situated in most major cities of South India with decorated and experienced faculty. In fact as a South Indian moving to Delhi might result in unwanted external problems and distractions as a non local resident. Not everyone can adapt to those distractions. In this era of online classes and e-learning, moving to Delhi might not be the best option for everyone. These dynamic online IAS courses can save you time and money. With enough research IAS aspirants can easily discover top IAS academies in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore. Which are much more accessible and affordable. Even though it comes down to personal preference, one should consider these possibilities before choosing Delhi for IAS coaching.

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