Is there any free coaching for UPSC in Hyderabad?

If you are looking for a free coaching for UPSC in Hyderabad then, HICS which is started to provide free high quality coaching for the students who are genuinely interested. HICS is the non-profit organisation which is registered as a society.

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What is the best time to join IAS coaching?

The very best time to join IAS coaching is from the beginning of the batches which would be the beginning of the course period as that would ensure to attend all the classes and there would be no chance of missing any important notes or

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Is one year enough for IAS preparation without coaching?

IAS preparation is not an easy one, but the time of preparation with or without coaching would depend on the student’s capacity of studying. It would be helpful to prepare with the help of coaching as it would be much helpful to clear in the

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Is IAS study costly ?

To be honest, the IAS study would be costly for many people. The coaching and college fee would turn out to be costly but what matters at the end is the result of becoming an IAS officer which would eventually be a huge benefit in

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What is the salary of IAS In Telangana?

The normal salary of an IAS officer would start from Rs 56,100 as per 7th Pay Commission along with this salary an IAS officer is given different allowances which would be very beneficial for them as in travelling allowances, etc.

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Which city is best for IAS?

When it comes to the best city for preparing for IAS then;

  • Delhi comes at the top as it has good opportunities and well known coaching centres.
  • Mumbai would be the next to prepare for the IAS as it it famous in India
  • Lucknow would

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