What is the strategy to crack TSPSC group 2?

Every exam which we prepare need certain strategies to be implemented in our preparation through which it takes us to the end goal of our preparation to achieve it So, her Read More

How many times in a year TSPSC group 2 is conducted ?

Depending on the number of openings and the commission's judgement, the frequency of the Group 2 exam for the Telangana State Public Service Commission may change. The TSPSC Group 2 test, however, is typically given once a year or twice every two years.   Read More

How many times can an individual attempt TSPSC group 2 ?

The TSPSC (Telangana State Public Service Commission) Group 2 exam is a competitive exam conducted by the Telangana State Public Service Commission. There is no specific limit on the number of attempts for the TSPSC Group 2 exam. As long as the candidate

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How to register for tspsc group 2

       To register for TSPSC Group 2, please follow the steps below:

What is the expected salary for an individual Who has completed TSPSC group 2 ?

There are various posts to take up after completing TSPSC group 2 where it solely depends on the interests of the individual which post he want to apply below is the mentioned list of the roles and their salaries. TSPSC Group 2

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How much salary can you expect after completion of TSPSC Group 4 exam?

There are various posts that you can apply for after the completion of TSPSC Group 4 examination are:  

Position Salary (INR)
Junior Assistant 16,400 to 49,870
Junior Stenographer 16,400 to 49,870
Typist 16,400 to 49,870
Junior Accountant Read More
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