What is the exam pattern for the mains exam?

The exam pattern of the mains will be divided into different categories into different subjects. The paper will consist of different parts and would make you differentiate the different topics present in the syllabus.

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Are there a fixed number of attempts to apply for the UPSC Exam?

The number of attempts to apply for UPSC changes according to different categories of candidates. The general categories have the limits of attempting 6 times till the age of 32 years.  There will be no limit for SC and ST castes.

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How many times is the UPSC recruitment held in a year?

The UPSC recruitment is held once in a year. And there will be a particular number of people recruited for UPSC every year according to the requirement of the vacancy. A candidate is recruited as an IAS officer only when he clears the prelims, mains

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What are the questions asked in IAS?

The questions asked in IAS could start from basic personal information and introduction then they test your general knowledge and different perspectives towards different situations. It is necessary to prepare for such types of question as

  • What are your career goals?
  • Your perspective towards different

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What is the main aim of IAS?

Main aim of IAS officers is to implement the policies provided by the government and to serve the government and people with their needs. To become an IAS officer it is important to clear the exam with different rounds of exam in prelim, mains and

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