7 Tips to Crack Competitive Exams

Every Year many candidates appeal for the competitive exams in India. These exams are conducted to select the best from a lot of best students. Competitive Exams are not harder to crack if you have the right strategy. With perfect planning and dedication you can crack competitive exams easily.

Nowadays technology has made the preparation of competitive exams one click away. For every doubt and question you get an answer immediately  on your phone or laptop. For preparation you can find a lot of e-books on the internet. But if you do not have proper planning and strategy then these facilities are of no use.

Set a Time Table

Maintaining a schedule or time table and preparing according to it is the most important thing. Most of the students ignore this. Having a time table will not only make you disciplined but also help you in managing the time and using it efficiently. 

Make a time table according to your strengths and weaknesses.Give more time to the subjects you are weak in. Plan a short study period and in between take some breaks and revise. Don’t plan a time table only for study and that too for long hours which can affect your mental health. At first you will face difficulty to follow the time table but later it becomes a habit if you are dedicated to the exams.

Have a strong grip on Basics

Many students have the power of memorising, But for a competitive exam you need to have a lot of grip on your basics. As we know if we are constructing a structure then the basement should be strong. Similarly if you want to crack a competitive exam then the fundamentals should be strong.

Also start making notes of your preparation this helps to solve problems in Competitive exams as the problems are unique.

Test Yourself

Testing yourself is most important for students who are preparing for competitive exams. This will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Students should take as many possible mock tests as they can and solve previous years question papers in duration time. So that they can know their current status and learn accordingly.

By doing this helps you to know the part where you need to focus so that you can speed up your solving skills. This should be done compulsorily by every student who is preparing for competitive exams.


Build a strong mental ability

Most of the students forget or neglect their mental and physical health while preparing for competitive exams. This is one of the major mistakes done by most of the students.

With studying you also need to have a proper time table for eating, sleeping and exercise. You need to follow a healthy diet, Regular exercise and have sufficient sleep. 

Always have a companion with positive people and share your thoughts to family members that will help in boosting your mental health.

Keep revising

While you are preparing for the competitive exams you need to also prepare a time table for the revision. Most of the students make mistakes by learning new concepts till before the exam and forget to revise and they will face difficulty during the exam.

If you don’t do any revision then the hard work you did for those days before the exam will go to waste. Revision should be done compulsorily and you need to take a look at the mistake you have made during mock tests.


Knowledge of what happening in Country

You need to have an update on current affairs and also need to know what is happening in the country and state regularly by reading newspapers. This will help you to crack competitive exams where current affairs are also part of it.

Ask for Help

Take help from the teachers you know that are experts in guiding students. Listen to the toppers’ motivational speeches. Usually students are shy to ask and clarify doubts which will affect your career, not the career of teachers or mentors.

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