Can candidates express their opinions firmly during the interview?

Expressing opinions during the UPSC interview is not only acceptable but encouraged, as
long as they are backed by logical reasoning, facts, and a balanced perspective. The interview
panel is interested in understanding your analytical thinking, ability to form opinions, and the
depth of your understanding on various issues.

Here’s how you can express your opinions effectively:

1. **Back with Reasoning:** When expressing an opinion, provide a clear rationale behind it. Use
facts, examples, or logical arguments to support your viewpoint. This showcases your ability to
think critically and substantiate your stance.

2. **Consider Counterarguments:** While expressing your opinion, acknowledge that there might
be counterarguments. Addressing potential counterarguments demonstrates your ability to
consider multiple perspectives before forming an opinion.

3. **Balance and Objectivity:** While expressing your opinion, maintain a balanced approach.
Present both sides of the argument, even if you lean towards a particular viewpoint. This shows
that you are open-minded and capable of considering different angles.

4. **Avoid Extreme Views:** Avoid expressing extreme or radical opinions that might be
contentious. Instead, focus on opinions that are well-founded and align with your overall
personality and understanding.

5. **Connect with Current Affairs:** Relate your opinions to current affairs and real-world
situations. This demonstrates your ability to apply your knowledge to practical scenarios.

6. **Express Respectfully:** Even if your opinion differs from the interviewer’s or panel members’,
express it respectfully. Engage in a constructive discussion rather than a confrontational

7. **Be Confident:** Confidence is key while expressing your opinions. Maintain eye contact,
speak clearly, and convey your thoughts with conviction.

8. **Practice Mock Interviews:** Participate in mock interviews to practice expressing your
opinions effectively within the interview setting.

Remember, the interview is an opportunity to showcase your intellectual depth, critical thinking,
and personality. Expressing opinions with clarity and sophistication can significantly contribute to
a positive impression on the interview panel.

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