Can candidates include international reports in their answers?

Yes, incorporating international reports in your answers can bolster the credibility and
depth of your response. International reports, such as those published by renowned
organizations like the World Bank, IMF, WHO, etc., often contain extensive data, statistics,
and expert analysis on global issues. Quoting from these reports not only lends authority
to your arguments but also demonstrates your ability to integrate global perspectives into
your answers. International reports can provide comparative data, trends, and case
studies that enrich your analysis and showcase your awareness of international dynamics.
However, it’s crucial to ensure that the information is directly relevant to the question and
supports your argument. Avoid using international reports excessively or as a substitute
for well-reasoned answers; they should complement your understanding rather than
overshadow it. Carefully select and paraphrase the information from these reports to suit
the context of your answer. When incorporating data from international reports, make sure
to provide proper citations to maintain academic integrity.

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