Current Affairs 11th October

National Affairs

1. MoCA Unveils Digital System for Automatic Issuance of Exporter Status Certificates

On October 9, 2023, Association Priest Piyush Goyal, Service of Business and Industry (MoCI), sent off another drive for giving framework based programmed ‘Status Holder’ authentications under the Unfamiliar Exchange Strategy (FTP) 2023. The drive was sent off during the gathering with Commodity Advancement Boards.

Note: As of now, there are around 14 Commodity Advancement Boards under the authoritative control of the Branch of Business.


What is in the framework?


The new framework disposes of the requirement for exporters to apply for a Status Declaration from the Directorate General of Unfamiliar Exchange (DGFT).

Trade acknowledgement is computerized through the IT (Data Innovation) framework utilizing existing product trade information and hazard boundaries from the Directorate General of Business Knowledge and Insights (DGCIS).

This smoothes out the interaction, lessens consistency trouble, and advances the simplicity of doing business.

Qualified exporters can change their status online later, guaranteeing an improved process without the requirement for manual applications or accreditations.


Current Situation:


As of now, the exporter is expected to record a web-based application alongside a commodity testament from a Sanctioned Bookkeeper (CA) for the award of Status. The DGFT Local Workplaces, issue the declaration in 3 days.


What is the Status Holder accreditation program?

It improves Indian exporters’ validity in the worldwide business sectors and offers advantages such as working on strategies under FTP 2023, needing custom clearances, exception from required archive discussion through banks, and no requirement for documenting Bank Assurance for FTP plans.


Central issues:


The new framework will perceive 20,000 exporters as Status Holders under FTP 2023, a huge increment from the past 12,518.

This is likewise lined up and determined to accomplish a USD 2 trillion commodity focus by 2030.

2. BIAL sets up South Asia’s 1st Aircraft Recovery Training School in BLR Airport

Bangalore Worldwide Air terminal Restricted (BIAL) has laid out South Asia’s most memorable Airplane Recuperation Preparing School (Expressions) anywhere nearby of Kempegowda Worldwide Air terminal Bengaluru (KIAB/BLR Air terminal) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. BIAL framed an essential organization with KUNZ GmbH Airplane Hardware, Germany.

BIAL is the first air terminal in Quite a while to obtain Code F viable aeroplane recuperation gear furthermore, gather a capable group of recuperation directors.


About Airplane Recuperation Preparing School (Expressions):


Expressions give aeroplane recuperation active preparation, outfitted with best-in-class Debilitated Airplane Recuperation Gear (DARE).

The objective of the program is to raise functional productivity and focus on traveller well-being.

The preparation will outfit flying experts with the vital abilities and information expected to answer the difficult circumstances.

3. Mumbai Airport is 1st in Asia to Commission ‘Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit’

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Global Air terminal (CSMIA) of Mumbai, Maharashtra, has turned into the main air terminal in Asia to commission a “Handicapped Airplane Recuperation Unit” (Dim), to help abandoned aeroplanes.

Dim can rapidly and effectively recuperate enormous businesses and transport airplanes that have become crippled because of runway trips or different episodes.

Dull purposes high-pressure lifting sacks that are more sturdy and require fewer individuals to work than regular low-pressure frameworks.

It can recuperate aeroplanes as much as 390 tons in weight, including the world’s biggest aeroplane, the Boeing 777-300ER.

The Dim unit is minimal and compact, making it simple to move to rapidly crash locales. This is particularly significant at CSMIA, which has a solitary get-over runway activity.




A runway outing is a point at which an aeroplane unexpectedly departs the runway during departure or landing.

Banking and Finance

1. Star Health Insurance introduces Surrogacy Cover and Oocyte Donor Cover 

On October 9, 2023, Star Wellbeing and Associated Protection presented surrogacy cover and oocyte benefactor cover to its ladies-driven strategy, specifically Star Ladies Care Protection Strategy at no additional charge for policyholders.


This consideration will address the interest in helping propagation treatment and expanding health care coverage inclusion to substitute moms and oocyte benefactors.


The Proxy Mother and Oocyte Giver Cover is relevant for grown-ups 25 to 35 years old. The aggregate protected under this is accessible up to Rs. 1 Crore.




For the cover to be substantial, the planning couple, proxy mother, and treating medical clinic ought to agree with the Surrogacy Act and Helped Regenerative Innovation (Craftsmanship) Act guidelines. Moreover, the Surrogacy and Oocyte gift should be embraced at supported focuses enlisted with the Public Workmanship and Surrogacy Library.


Elements of Surrogacy Cover and Oocyte Giver Cover:


Surrogacy Cover:


  • Offers ongoing hospitalization inclusion for post-pregnancy conveyance inconveniences for 36 months.
  • Starts from the date of treatment or methodology inception.
  • Pay for an Unnatural birth cycle because of Mishap according to strategy terms.


Oocyte Contributor Inclusion: Takes care of long-term hospitalization costs for helped regenerative treatment confusions for a long time.


Infant Cover:


  • Infant gets wellbeing front of 25% of aggregate safeguarded from Day 1.
  • Increments to 100 per cent from the ensuing year forward.


Star Mother Cover: Covers emergency clinic room lease for safeguarded moms assuming youngster is <12 years old furthermore, hospitalized in ICU.

Economy and Business

1. IIFCL Sanctions Loans Worth Rs 8,800 crore to Boost Civil Aviation Infrastructure

India Framework Money Organization Restricted (IIFCL) has authorized advances worth Rs 8,800 crore for air terminals and common flight framework advancement in India.


  • The IIFCL has previously authorized advances of around Rs 4,000 crore.



IIFCL is an administration-possessed monetary establishment that takes care of the drawn-out supporting requirements of India’s foundation area. This assumes a significant part in funding air terminal tasks in India.




IIFCL is one of India’s significant air terminal lenders and has upheld air terminals with an aggregate project expense of about Rs 74,000 crore.

IIFCL alongside the Public Authority of India will keep on supporting the advancement of top-notch air terminal foundations in India under the Public-Private-Partnership(PPP) model.

It will likewise investigate chances to support greenfield air terminal undertakings and Upkeep, Fixes and Update (MRO) offices.




The send-off of the Ude Desh ka Aam Nagarik’ (UDAN) conspire (in 2017) has helped the improvement of the air terminal area.

Subsequently, the quantity of air terminals has nearly multiplied from 74 in 2014 to 148 in 2023, giving a lift to the territorial network.


Developing Interest:


The traveller dealing with the limit is supposed to increment from the ongoing 350 million for each annum to 500 million for every annum toward the finish of the Monetary Year 2023-24 and 2 billion by 2047.

The development was driven by the rising pattern of air travel among centre-pay families, supplemented by framework improvement at driving air terminals and steady government approaches.

The air terminal foundation limit ought to be expanded to meet such an enormous developing request.


1. India Finishes Fourth in the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 with 107 Medals

  • India completed Fourth in the award count of the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 with 107 decorations (28 gold, 38 silver and 41 bronze).
  • Compound bowmen Jyothi Surekha Vennam and Ojas Deotale won the most gold decorations (three each) for India in the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022.
  • The Indian men’s cricket crew driven by Ruturaj Gaikwad was granted a gold decoration later the last was cancelled because of a downpour.
  • Avinash Sable was the main Indian to win the gold decoration in the 3000m men’s steeplechase occasion in any Asian Games.

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