Current Affairs 15th November


National Affairs

1. IICA signs MoU with Lean Campus Startups & WEICI India to Empower Corporate and Women Entrepreneurs

On November 13, 2023, the Indian Establishment of Corporate Issues (IICA) marked a Reminder to figure out (an MoU) with Lean Grounds New Businesses (Trust) and Mumbai, Maharashtra-based Ladies Business Visionaries Worldwide Offices of India (WEICI India) in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, to engage corporate and ladies business visionaries through different preparation programs.




The MoU was endorsed by Dr Lata Suresh, addressing IICA, and Umesh Rathod, addressing Lean Grounds New companies (Pioneer).


About the MoU:


IICA in an organization with Lean Grounds New companies and WEICI India expects to engage both corporate and ladies’ business visionaries, enlarging their insight, abilities, and skills in the powerful foundation and the executives of a different labour force.


In an organization with IICA, LCS will orchestrate programs for ladies business people and understudies.


This MoU works with cooperation between IICA, Lean Grounds New businesses, and WEICI India for joint drives including preparing projects, studios, and tutoring meetings. It points to engaging business people by laying out a steady organization and gives business visionaries with admittance to assets and amazing open doors.




  • IICA, under the Service of Corporate Issues (MCA), encourages corporate area improvement through preparation and research.


  • Lean Grounds Startups laid out in 2014, is a brand of Mission Impetus. It is devoted to shaping the eventual fate of India through groundbreaking drives in training, ability advancement, and business.


  • WEICI India supports and assets ladies business people.

International Affairs

1. Russia, India Sign Deal on Supply & Production of Igla Air Defence Systems 

Russia has marked an agreement to supply and create a hand-held enemy of aeroplane rocket Igla-S Man-Compact Air Safeguard Framework (MANPADS) to India. Igla-S is intended to counter low-flying airplanes and helicopters.


It has a scope of 500 meters to 6000 meters and can go up to the height going from 10 meters to 3500 meters.


It deals with “fire-and-neglect” guidelines. It is sent out by the Russian Safeguard Commodity office Rosoboron export.


Note: India is the world’s biggest arms shipper and Russia remains the world’s biggest provider.

Banking and Finance

1. India, ADB sign USD400mn loan to Create Quality Urban Infrastructure

On November 13, 2023, the Indian government marked a USD 400 million strategy-based credit concurrence with the Asian Improvement Bank (ADB) to help its sub-program 2 of the Practical Metropolitan Turn of Events and Administration Conveyance Program.


This program is India’s metropolitan change plan to make a great metropolitan framework, further develop administration conveyance, and advance proficient administration frameworks. The Credit has an essential reimbursement time of 12 years.




The signatories to the advance arrangement were Juhi Mukherjee, Joint Secretary, branch of financial undertakings, Service of Money and Takeo Konishi, Country Overseer of ADB’s India Inhabitant Mission.


Central issues:


The sub-program 2 of the Reasonable Metropolitan Turn of Events and Administration Conveyance Program was supported in 2021 with a funding of USD 350 million. It laid out public-level strategies and rules to work on metropolitan administrations. Sub-program 2 backs venture arranging and change activities at the state and metropolitan nearby body (ULB) levels.


Sub-program 2 backs changes under Atal Mission for Restoration and Metropolitan Change (Amrut) 2.0, focusing on widespread water supply and disinfection access. It expects to accomplish metropolitan water security, decrease water misfortunes, reuse treated sewage, and revive water bodies.


It likewise modernizes metropolitan anticipating monetary focuses, coordinates strength and naturebased arrangements, boosts city financial soundness through productivity and income measures, also, energizes inventive supporting for metropolitan foundation shortfalls.

2. NHAI Accepts First Insurance Surety Bond as Bid Security for NHAI TOT Bid for Monetization

The Public Roadways Authority of India (NHAI) acknowledged the main protection guarantee bond as bid security for the Cost Work Move (Child) Group 14 bid. The security was given at a rate of 0.25% and required no edge cash.


This will be whenever this instrument first is being used as a Bank Assurance (BG) in the street framework area for adaptation of offers. The NHAI teamed up with the Interstate Administrators Relationship of India (HOAI), SBI General Protection, and AON India Protection for this drive.


The explanation for this acknowledgement:


  • To help the liquidity and limit of bidders
  • To empower private cooperation in the parkway area


Central issues:


Protection Guarantee Bonds include insurance agencies giving monetary certifications to project workers to satisfy their commitments. The Service of Money has compared e-BG and Protection Guarantee Securities with Bank Ensures for all administration obtainments.


These instruments, including Protection Guarantee Bonds, intend to improve Public Parkway Framework advancement, contributing emphatically to the Indian economy.


A bid bond is a sort of guarantee bond that is given to workers for hire during the offering system. Bid bonds ensure that the worker for hire will go into an agreement assuming their bid is acknowledged.

3. Fedfina, IREDA, EPACK Durable & Suraj Estate Developers get the nod from SEBI to float IPOs

The Protections and Trade Leading group of India (SEBI) has given endorsement to four organizations Fedbank Monetary Administrations Restricted (Fedfina), Indian Sustainable Power Advancement Office (IREDA), EPACK Strong, and Suraj Domain Designers to raise assets through starting public contributions (Initial public offerings).


These organizations documented fundamental Initial public offering papers with SEBI between July and September 2023. The value portions of these organizations will be recorded on the BSE (Previously Bombay Stock Trade) and NSE (Public Stock Trade).


Note: Fedfina is a Non-Banking Monetary Organization (NBFC) arm of Government Bank.


Fedfina Initial public offering:


New issue: Rs 750 crore.


OFS (Make Available for purchase): 7.03 crore shares by Government Bank and Genuine North Asset VI LLP.


Utilization: Level I capital, future capital requirements, and deal costs.


IREDA Initial public offering:


New issue: 40.31 crore value shares.


OFS: 26.88 crore value shares by the Leader of India.


Utilization: Capital base expansion, future capital requirements, and loaning.


EPACK Sturdy Initial public offering:


New issue: Rs 400 crore.


OFS: 1.3 crore value shares by advertisers and financial backers.


Utilization: Capital use, credit reimbursement, and corporate purposes.


Suraj Bequest Designers Initial public offering:


New issue: Up to Rs 400 crore. No OFS.


Utilization: Obligation instalment, land obtaining, and general corporate purposes.

Science and Technology

1. ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities’ Portal Launched by MoHUA

On the thirteenth of November 2023, the Service of Lodging and Metropolitan Undertakings (MoHUA) sent off  ‘The AAINA Dashboard for Urban Communities’ entrance to make an information base of the key exhibition measurements of Metropolitan Neighborhood Bodies (ULB). The gateway is a drive of MoHUA.




The essential goals of the AAINA Dashboard are to help urban communities to Assist urban communities with perceiving how they are doing versus different urban areas and motivate urban communities by highlighting additional opportunities and regions for development. Give urban communities the chance to gain from and draw in with front-running urban communities.


Five Points of Support:


The dashboard will introduce the information put together by the ULBs based on pointers across five topical regions in particular:


  • Political and Authoritative Construction
  • Finance
  • Arranging
  • Resident Driven Administration
  • Conveyance of Fundamental Administrations


About the Entrance:


The ULBs present their information, including inspected records, and self-revealed execution measurements by signing in to the dashboard’s entryway.


The entrance doesn’t rank urban communities but rather fills in as a device for looking at likewise positioned urban communities and advancing companion learning among urban areas.


The Dashboard is likewise a super durable stage for ULB-related information, that sounds refreshed consistently. When the dashboard is populated with information, it will be available to all partners, including residents.


MoHUA through Computerized India Enterprise under the Service of Gadgets and Data Technology(MeitY), will give handholding backing to ULBs/States in the information accommodation process on a need premise.

2. SpaceX Launched Its 29th Cargo Mission To ISS

Public Aviation and Space Organization (NASA) and SpaceX together sent off SpaceX’s Freight Mythical Serpent spacecraft(CRS-29 Mythical Serpent) on its 29th business mission to the Worldwide Space Station (ISS). CRS-29 Mythical beast was sent off on a Hawk 9 Rocket from Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center(KSC) in Florida, the US of America(USA).


This is the ninth SpaceX send-off under the Business Resupply Administrations 2 (CRS) contract. The shuttle conveyed freight weighing around 6,500 pounds (2948 kg) of logical exploration, team supplies, and equipment to ISS.


The Bird of Prey’s most memorable stage made an effective arrival at Cape Canaveral Space Power Station’s Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1). The send-off denoted the second trip for the stage, which had already been sent off Team 7.


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