Current Affairs 1st November


National Affairs

1. 16th Edition of Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference & Exhibition 2023 held in New Delhi, Delhi

The Service of Lodging and Metropolitan Undertakings coordinated the sixteenth Metropolitan Versatility India (UMI) Gathering and Show 2023 as a team with the Organization of Metropolitan Vehicle (India) furthermore, with the backing of Delhi Metro Rail Organization Ltd. The occasion occurred from October 27th to 29th, 2023, at the Manekshaw Center, March Street, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi, Delhi.


Metropolitan Portability India (UMI) Meeting and Show 2023:


The occasion saw the support of around 22 exhibitors from Metro Rail Organizations, public, and confidential areas.


Initiated by: Shri Hardeep Singh Puri. ( Priest of Lodging and Metropolitan Issues and Oil and Petroleum gas)


Topic: Coordinated and Strong Metropolitan Vehicle Grants were introduced to state/city experts for their extraordinary metropolitan vehicle projects in different classifications

International Affairs

1. UNCCD’s Data: India Lost 30.51 Mn Ha of Healthy Land to Degradation From 2015- 19

As indicated by the Unified Countries Show to Battle Desertification (UNCCD’s) first information dashboard, around 30.51 million hectares(Ha) of solid land in India were corrupted from 2015 to 2019.


Around 9.45% of India’s body of land was corrupted starting around 2019. This was 4.42% in 2015. India’s all-out corrupted land is identical to the size of 43 million football pitches.


According to the UNCCD Information, Between 2015 and 2019, the world lost no less than 100 million of sound and useful land consistently.


About UNCCD Information Dashboard:


The UNCCD’s dashboard, delivered on 25th October 2023, assembles public detailing figures from 126 nations, which shows that land corruption is progressing at a surprising rate across all areas.


The information is ordered worldwide and the total structure “as gotten” from 126 Gatherings in their 2022 UNCCD public reports.


The dashboard requires 2019 as the revealing year for recording information and 2015-2019 as a gauge period.


The thorough information from assorted areas highlights the disturbing rate at which land debasement is spreading.


Information Examination in India:


The information additionally mirrored that 251.71 million Indians, 18.39% of the Indian populace, confronted and debasement during 2015-2019.


While 854.4 million Indians, 83.85% of the Indian populace, were presented to dry season during the 2015-2018 period. This is the amount of the revealed region under all dry season force classes – gentle, moderate, serious and outrageous.


Public Mission for a Green India (GIM):


Public Mission for a Green India (GIM), one of the 8 Missions under the Public Activity Anticipate Environmental Change, plans to secure, reestablish and improve the backwoods cover and answer to environmental change.


Target: 10 million ha on backwoods and non-woodland lands for expanding the timberland/tree cover and to work on the nature of existing woods Under this program, India has allotted Rs 298.09 crore and used Rs 233.43 crore from FY2018 to 2021.


India intends to expand the region reestablished from land corruption from 21 million to 26 million hectares somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2030.

Local differences Eastern and Focal Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean districts experienced the most serious degradation, around 20% of their absolute land region was impacted.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Western and Southern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean experienced land corruption at rates quicker than the worldwide normal.

Science and Technology

1. China approves world’s first passenger-carrying flying taxi “Ehang’s EH216-S”

Chinese robot startup EHang got the sort authentication for Ehang 216-S (EH216-S), its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aeroplane, from the Common Flying Organization of China (CAAC), the Chinese common aeronautics authority under the Service of Transport. 


With this, EH216-S turns into the first eVTOL vehicle on the planet to be cleared for business use. The EH216-S air taxis are electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aeroplanes prepared to do conveying two individuals or 600 pounds of freight. They are pushed by 16 electric rotors and can fly at velocities of up to 80 miles each hour (mph) and a distance of up to 18 miles.


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