Current Affairs 25th July

National Affairs

1. Rajya Sabha Chairman reconstituted the panel of vice-chairpersons with 50% women Parliamentarians

Rajya Sabha Administrator Jagdeep Dhankhar selected 4 ladies Parliamentarians

to be specific Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (PT Usha), Phangnon Konyak, Fauzia

Khan and Sulata Deo to the board of bad habit administrators.


The board of bad habit executives has been reconstituted with impact from seventeenth July

  1. The board reconstituted before the Rainstorm Meeting contains a sum of 8

individuals, out of which half(4) are ladies.


Without precedent for the historical backdrop of Rajya Sabha, the upper of the Indian Parliament, equivalent portrayal has been given to ladies individuals in the board of ViceChairpersons.


About Rajya Sabha:


Rajya Sabha is the Upper Place of the Indian Parliament.


As per Article 80 of the Indian Constitution, The complete permitted limit is 250

which incorporates, 238 chosen and 12 selected individuals.


30 years is the base age expected to turn into an individual from the Rajya Sabha.

2. Rajasthan Introduces India’s First Gig Workers Bill 2023

On 21st July 2023, the Rajasthan government presented India’s very first Gig

labourers Bill the ‘Rajasthan Stage Based Gig Laborers (enlistment and

government assistance) Bill 2023′ to ensure federal retirement aid to gig labourers.


Aggregators, which incorporate food conveyance applications and e-advertising stages, must

give the Rajasthan government a data set of all stage-based gig labourers on-boarded or enlisted with them somewhere around sixty days of the Demonstration’s execution.


Gig laborer:


Gig specialist alludes to somebody who acquires from such exercises beyond the

customary boss-representative relationship and deals with an agreement.


The expression “gig economy” signifies an overall labour force climate, which incorporates

momentary business, legally binding position, and self-employed entities.




Aggregators are people or associations connecting with stage-based laborers for

assignments that incorporate Ride sharing, food and security conveyance, coordinated factors, and the sky is the limit from there.


Punishments for Resistance:


It forces money-related punishments for an aggregator that neglects to agree with the Demonstration.


The state government might force a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh for the principal offence and

up to Rs 50 lakh for ensuing offences.


Government Assistance Board for Gig Laborers:


The Bill proposes to shape ‘The Rajasthan Stage Based Gig Laborers Government Assistance Board to guarantee enrollment of gig labourers and aggregators working in the state.


The Work Priest would be the Administrator of the “Stage Based Gig Laborers Government Assistance Board” which will meet no less than once in a half year.


Government assistance Expenses:


The bill likewise expects to set up a Stage Based Gig Laborers Asset and Government assistance Charge.


The piece of the government assistance expense will be contributed by the aggregator based on every exchange, or as coordinated by the state government.


The public authority likewise expects to lay out a checking instrument to guarantee that

the Demonstration’s expressions are followed as well as the government assistance expense is deducted consistently.


Production of Novel ID:


Under this Bill, gig labourers give an exceptional ID (Personality Report) which will

be pertinent across stages.


The ID will empower such specialists to get to general and explicit government-backed retirement schemes and partake in all choices taken for their government assistance through

portrayal in the board.

3. HCLTech joins XR Startup Programme with MeitY, Meta

HCL Innovation (HCLTech) in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has joined the XR Startup Program, a drive among Meta and the Service of Hardware and Data Innovation (MeitY) Startup Hub(MSH) to find, sustain, and speed up expanded reality (XR) innovation and new businesses in India.


These new businesses will be guided by the HCLTech experts through authority

preparing and sharing business and industry perspectives.


Central issues:


The XR Startup Program, sent off in September 2022, is a joint exertion between the

MeitY Startup Center (MSH) and Meta.


Chosen new businesses dealing with XR innovation could get an award of up to Rs 20 lakh from HCLTech.


Note: XR is an expansive term to allude to Increased Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR),

furthermore, blended reality.

4. CSIR-IIIM Jammu’s Cannabis Research Project is India’s 1st Cannabis Medicine Project under PPP with a Canadian firm

TCannabis Exploration Task” of the Gathering Of Logical And Modern Exploration

Indian Foundation Of Integrative Medication (CSIR-IIIM) in Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

(J&K) is the first of its sort Weed Medication Venture in India under Confidential Public

Organization (PPP) with an IndusCann Restricted, settled in Toronto, Canada.


This task is happening under a logical arrangement between CSIR-IIIM and a Canada based IndusScan.


This data was given by Association Clergyman of State (Free Charge) Dr. Jitendra Singh, Service of Science and Innovation (MoST).


Central issues:


The Priest visited the Pot Development Ranch of CSIR-IIIM to get direct data about the development rehearses for Pot in the safeguarded region of the establishment and examination work being completed on this significant plant. It is the principal foundation to get the first permit for Pot development in Quite a while.


Through this task, Weed, a substance of misuse will be utilized as a really great for

humanity particularly for patients experiencing neuropathies, malignant growth and epilepsy.


This venture can possibly deliver those sorts of drugs which need to be traded from outside nations, and can likewise deliver send-out quality medications implied for various types of neuropathies, diabetic torments and so on.


Because of the predominance of substance addiction in J&K and Punjab, this undertaking additionally raises mindfulness about the different restorative purposes of the manhandled substance, especially for patients experiencing malignancies and different infections.


Under a three-sided understanding of CSIR with the Division of Biotechnology (DBT) and

Indian Chamber of Clinical Exploration (ICMR), CSIR-IIIM has finished the exploratory

research on Weed after permit for development of Marijuana for a logical reason

was allowed by J&K Govt.


As of now, CSIR-IIIM has a vault of in excess of 500 promotions gathered from various pieces of the nation and is attempting to give innovation to Pot development, and medication revelation.


Different States like Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh(UP), Manipur, Madhya Pradesh(MP)

furthermore, Himachal Pradesh has begun making the strategy and rules for the utilization of Weed for logical purposes.


Currently endorsed drugs from Pot:


The FDA (Food and Medication Organization) has supported the medications, for example,

Marilnol/nabilone and Cesamet for treatment of queasiness and retching, Sativex for

neuropathic torment and spasticity, Epidiolex, Cannabidiol for epilepsy and are being

utilized in various nations.

5. Highlights of Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Visit to India from 20- 21st July 2023

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe made an authority two-day visit to India

from 20-21st July 2023. He was invited by the Association Clergyman of State (MoS) for

Outside Issues V Muraleedharan. This denotes Wickremesinghe’s most memorable outing to India since he was chosen leader of Sri Lanka in July 2022.


The visit happens as the two nations commend the 75th commemoration of the

the foundation of discretionary relations in 2023.


The MoUs traded among India and Sri Lanka:


Joint Statement of Aim (JDI) in the field of Creature Farming and Dairying


MoU on participation in the field of environmentally friendly power


Notice of Participation for monetary improvement projects in the Trincomalee region of Sri Lanka


Organization to Arrange Understanding between NPCI Global Installments Restricted

(NIPL)and Lanka Pay for UPI application acknowledgement in Sri Lanka


Energy License for Sampur Sunlight-based Power Undertaking.

6. India signed a contract with Bangladesh to Modernize the Signalling System of the Dhaka-Tongi–Joydebpur Rail Line

On July 23, 2023, India and Bangladesh marked an agreement for the establishment of

PC-based interlocking flagging framework for the Dhaka-Tongi-Joydebpur rail line at

Rail Bhaban, Dhaka.


The task is being executed under the Credit extension (LoC) reached out by India

to Bangladesh.


Bangladesh Rail line (BR) has designated a Mumbai, Maharashtra-based Indian

organization, KEC Worldwide Restricted, to foster flagging frameworks for the under-construction third and fourth double-measure rail tracks from Dhaka to Tongi and twofold line double measure from Tongi to Joydebpur.

7. Tamil Nadu’s Author Betel Leaves received GI Tag

The Geological Signs Vault has given the Topographical Sign (GI) tag

authentication of Tamil Nadu’s Author Vetrilai (Authoor Betel Passes on) to Thoothukudi

locale organization.


The betel leaves, privately known as Vetrilai in Tamil, developed in the Author

town of Thoothukudi locale, Tamil Nadu (TN) achieved the GI label in April 2023.


The tag was worked with by the Tamil Nadu State Agribusiness Advertising Board and

NABARD(National Bank For Agribusiness And Rustic Turn of Events) Madurai

Agribusiness Hatching Forum(MABIF) and enlisted for the sake of Author

Vattara Vetrilai Vivasayigal Sangam.


This acknowledgement will empower the span of Authoor betel leaves in both homegrown and

worldwide business sectors.


About Author Vettrilai:


It is developed across a broad region crossing around 500 sections of land,

enveloping locales like Mukkani, Authoor, Korkai, Suganthalai, Vellakoil, and other

Mukkani towns.


The particular sharpness and fieriness of these Authoor betel leaves are ascribed to

the uniqueness of water in Thamirabarani Stream, the primary water system hotspot for the

fields here.


Central issues:


This leaf is used during unique events like sanctuary celebrations,

housewarmings, and weddings and has a particularly hot and impactful

Flavour. Different names of Vetrilai are tambulam in Sanskrit, paan in Hindi, tamula

pakukilli in Telugu.


It is accessible in three particular assortments viz. Nattukodi, Karpoori, and



The leaves are generally critical, being referenced in the thirteenth Century book ‘The Movements of MARCO POLO (The Venetian)’. Antiquated stone engravings likewise feature the social meaning of Authoor vettrilai in Tamil culture.

Science and Technology

1. 14th CEM adopted CEM-Hubs initiative for Scaling Low-Carbon Fuel Production

On July 21, 2023, The Perfect Energy Clerical (CEM) embraced first-of-its-sort ‘Clean

Energy Marine Center points Drive (CEM-Centers)’ for increasing low carbon fuel

creation during the fourteenth Clean Energy Pastoral (CEM14) and eighth Mission

Development meeting (CEM14/MI-8) hung on July 19-21, 2023 in Goa, India.


The CEM14/MI-8 gathering was at the same time coordinated by the Department of Energy

Effectiveness (Honey bee), under the Service of Force, and the Branch of Science and

Innovation, Service of Science and Innovation, in Goa from nineteenth to 22rd July



CEM was hung uninvolved of fourth G20 (Gathering of Twenty) Energy Advances

Clerical Gathering (ETMM) under India’s G20 Administration in Goa during July 19-20,



Topic of CEM14/MI-8: Propelling Clean Energy Together Point of CEM14/MI-8: To Unite The Worldwide Clean Energy People group.


Note: CEM is an organization task of the world’s key economies cooperating to

speed up the worldwide clean energy change.


About CEM-Centers Drive:


It is an undeniable level worldwide gathering mutually drove by confidential area and states across the energy-sea regions to elevate strategies and projects to change oceanic

transportation and creation centers for future low-carbon fills.




CEM-Centre points was authoritatively sent off on September 23, 2022 by the Worldwide

Office of Transportation (ICS), the Global Relationship of Ports and Harbors

(IAPH), and the Perfect Energy Oceanic Taskforce, It is at first supported by Canada,

Norway, Panama, Uruguay and the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates (UAE).


The drive is additionally upheld by the Worldwide Environmentally friendly power Office

(IRENA) and the Worldwide Community for Oceanic Decarbonization (GCMD).


Central issues:


Its participation incorporates nations, organizations and industry specialists.


The CEM-Centers drive and advance will be included at the 28th Gathering of Gatherings to the Assembled Country System Show on Environmental Change (UNFCCCCOP28) in Dubai, Joined Middle Easterner Emirates (UAE) from November 30 to December 12, 2023


The purpose for increasing low-carbon fuel creation:


The sea business isn’t prepared for the impending flood in low-carbon fuel

request until 2050.


As per the Global Sustainable Power Office (IRENA), the transportation

the industry will confront the obligation of shipping somewhere around half of all exchanged low-carbon powers by 2050.


The ongoing absence of creation focuses, appropriate vessels, and sufficient port

the framework represents a huge impediment.


As of now, the transportation business has just tried one boat in the worldwide armada for

shipping condensed hydrogen, which made an excursion from Australia to Japan.


Thus, through this drive, the sea esteem chain will be ready to adapt to the developing requirement for low-carbon energy.

2. Skyroot successfully tested its Raman-II Engine at ISRO facility in TN

On twentieth July 2023, Skyroot Aviation Private Restricted, Hyderabad (Telangana) –

based space startup effectively tried its Raman-II motor at the Fluid Engine

Test Office (LTTF) of ISRO(Indian Space Exploration Association) Drive Complex

(IPRC) at Mahendragiri, Tirunelveli region, Tamil Nadu(TN).


The testing was empowered by Indian Public Space Advancement and Authorisation

Focus (IN-SPACe).




This help by ISRO features its obligation to help private players, new companies, and Non-Government Elements (NGEs) in fostering India’s space eco-framework.


About the Trial of Raman-II:


The 10-second span test accomplished the normal execution with regards to begin

transient, consistent state, and shut-off.


The test office frameworks showed typical execution during the test,

meeting the motor gulf conditions at T0.


The instrumentation frameworks proceeded true to form and guaranteed the exactness

furthermore, the unwavering quality of the experimental outcomes.


About Raman-II Motor:


Raman-II motor was planned by Skyroot to create 820 N(Newton) (Ocean Level)

what’s more, 1460 N (Vacuum) push, with an ostensible chamber tension of 8.5 bar outright.


The motor was fabricated through added substance-producing methods.


It involves Mono Methyl Hydrazine and Nitrogen Tetroxide as charges.


The motor will be introduced into the fourth phase of its send-off vehicle, Vikram-I.

3. Online Portal Launched to Report Violation of Ban on E-Cigarettes

The Association Wellbeing Service of India has sent off an entry for all states and Association

Domains to report the infringement of the Offer of E-cigarettes(Electronic Cigarettes) on

web-based shopping destinations and retail shops under the Forbiddance of Electronic Cigarettes (Creation, Production, Import, Commodity, Transport, Deal, Circulation, Stockpiling and Ad) Act (PECA), in spite of a restriction on it starting around 2019.


The entrance assists with gathering data and taking quick

activity on revealed infringement of the PECA, cigarettes and other Tobacco items



Electronic cigarettes and comparative gadgets are battery-worked frameworks that heat a

substance (in fluid or strong state), which contains nicotine and frequently enhances, to

make a spray for inward breath.


They are intended to recreate the demonstration of smoking conventional cigarettes without

consuming tobacco.


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