Current Affairs 9th November


National Affairs

1. MoHUA Launched Jal Diwali – ‘Women for Water, Water for Women Campaign’

Service of Lodging and Metropolitan Issues (MoHUA) sent off ‘Jal Diwali – Water for Ladies, People for Water’ mindfulness crusade under Atal Mission for Revival and Metropolitan Change (AMRUT), leader plan of MoHUA, in organization with Public Metropolitan Jobs Mission (NULM).


Jal Diwali, the primary period of the Water for Ladies, People for Water crusade, will be held from seventh to ninth November 2023. Odisha Metropolitan Foundation is the information accomplice of this mission


About the Mission:


The mission engages ladies in water administration by offering firsthand bits of knowledge into water treatment cycles and safe drinking water appropriation through visits to nearby Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) in their urban communities.


The mission intends to impart proprietorship and obligation regarding water foundation.


Stage I:


The Stage I will incorporate the cooperation from all states and Association Territories(UTs) — with the exception of the 5 states under Model Set of principles. Around 15000 Self improvement Gatherings (SHG) ladies across India are supposed to partake in the mission.


Center regions:


Acquainting the ladies with working of Water Treatment Plants and water testing offices Advance inclusivity and association through keepsakes and articles made by Ladies SHGs Acquainting and instructing the ladies about AMRUT plot and its effect on water foundation.


Anticipated results:


  • Ladies in the program will find out about water treatment plants and quality testing.


  • Ladies SHGs will make gifts to advance dynamic contribution in water the executives.


  • Program will teaches ladies about AMRUT plan and water framework influence.


  • Members gain bits of knowledge into clean water arrangement and quality testing.

2. Union Finance Minister inaugurates 1st Global Conference on Cooperation in Enforcement Matters (GCCEM) in New Delhi 

The main Worldwide Gathering on Collaboration in Authorization Matters (GCCEM) was held in New Delhi, Delhi from 30th October to first November 2023. The gathering was introduced by Association Pastor Nirmala Sitharaman, Service of Money (MoF). The subject of first GCCEM was ‘It takes an Organization to battle an Organization’.


The meeting was coordinated by Directorate of Income Insight (DRI), under Focal Leading group of Roundabout Assessments and Customs (CBIC) in meeting with World Traditions Association (WCO), Brussels in Belgium.


The Association Priest of State (MoS) Pankaj Chaudhary, MoF was the praiseworthy visitor and Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO was the Exceptional Visitor at the Debut Meeting.


The Association Money Clergyman additionally sent off stage IV of ‘Activity Sesha’ by Indian Traditions as a team with RILO Asia-Pacific and RILO Center East to control the unlawful exchange of Wood including Red Sanders.

3. 71st Foundation Day of EPFO: Bhavishya Nidhi Awards 2023

On first November 2023, Association Priest Bhupender Yadav, Service of Work and Business (MoLE), for all intents and purposes introduced the 71st Establishment Day of the Representatives’ Opportune Asset Association (EPFO) at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, Delhi.


The occasion saw the send-offs of different drives and the circulation of the Bhavishya Nidhi Grant 2023 to different workplaces and foundations.


Note: EPFO is under the managerial control of the MoLE, Administration of India (GoI).

International Affairs

1. UK Government Hosted World’s 1st Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit 2023

The Assembled Realm (UK) Government facilitated the world’s first worldwide Counterfeit Knowledge (man-made intelligence) Security Culmination at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire (UK) on November 1-2, 2023. This 2-day culmination united Clergymen and delegates from different nations, including the UK, the US of America (USA), and India, among others.


This culmination intended to join world pioneers and conspicuous tech industry monsters focussed on concocting a thorough, cooperative technique to relieve dangers and battle the abuse of artificial intelligence innovations.


The Culmination additionally saw the marking of the Bletchley Announcement by 28 nations and the starting of the world’s first computer based intelligence Wellbeing Foundation.


Delegates from 28 countries, including India, the USA, China, and the European Association have consented to the world’s first arrangement known as the “Bletchley Announcement,” during the ‘computer based intelligence Security Culmination 2023’ and vowed to collaborate, to advance the protected utilization of computer based intelligence devices.


During the simulated intelligence Security Culmination 2023, UK State head (PM) Rishi Sunak sent off the world’s first simulated intelligence Security Foundation in the UK to look at, assess, and test new kinds of simulated intelligence.


The send off addresses the UK’s obligation to the worldwide drive on artificial intelligence wellbeing testing.

2. UN and IAEA Collaborating on New Collection to Honour Marie Curie

Joined Nations(UN) and the Global Nuclear Energy Office (IAEA) teamed up to make another stamp assortment and first-day envelopes to respect Marie Curie (Maria Salomea Skłodowska-Curie) on her 120th birth commemoration which was seen on seventh November 2023 .


Stamp and Wrap:


Joined Countries Postal Organization (UNPA), the postal organization of the Assembled Countries, has delivered a conclusive arrangement of stamps including Marie Curie picture and first-day envelopes enhanced with another IAEA unmistakable cachet.


The dedicatory envelope additionally respects the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Cooperation Program (MSCFP).




UNPA is the main postal power that issues stamps in three unique monetary forms in particular US Dollars(USD), Swiss francs and euros.


The stamps might be utilized for postage when utilized on mail sent from the Assembled Countries workplaces in New York, Geneva or Vienna.


Past issue of Stamp:


The UNPA has given conclusive stamps in the past in the distinction of


  • Kofi Annan – 2019
  • Mahatma Gandhi – 2019
  • Florence Songbird – 2020
  • Mother Teresa – 2021
  • Wangari Maathai – 2022


Maria Salomea Skłodowska-Curie:


Marie Curie was brought into the world on 7 November 1867.


She is a Clean conceived physicist and scientific expert who led spearheading research on radioactivity.


She is associated with finding radium and polonium, and her colossal commitment to tracking down malignant growth medicines.


She is additionally the main individual ever to get two Nobel Prizes in various areas of science: for physical science in 1903 and for science in 1911.




The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Cooperation Program (MSCFP) is a worldwide association program presented by the Global Nuclear Energy Office (IAEA).


The program expects to help capable female researchers chasing after doctoral certifications in atomic science and innovation.

Banking and Finance

1. Canara HSBC Launched ‘GAIN’ Life Insurance Plan for Customers of Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank

Canara HSBC Extra security, an insurance agency supported by Canara Bank and HSBC, has sent off another reliable pay plan named the ‘Surefire Guaranteed Pay’ (Acquire) for the clients of Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVGB) in Mangaluru (Karnataka).


It is a Non-Connected Non-Taking part Individual Extra security Reserve funds cum Insurance Plan that guarantees ensured benefits as well as normal pay to deal with both long haul also, momentary monetary objectives.


It offers a reliable customary revenue stream with the adaptability to get the charges back toward the finish of the strategy term. This approach is accessible in every one of the 629 Parts of KVGB.


The disaster protection plan is entirely intended to give families unequaled monetary soundness and security.

2. IndusInd Bank launches ‘Platinum RuPay Credit Card’ with UPI Integration

IndusInd Bank Ltd sent off the ‘IndusInd Bank Platinum RuPay Mastercard’ in joint effort with the Public Installments Partnership of India (NPCI), empowering clients to make installments through the RuPay network utilizing Retail location (POS) gadgets and internet business sites.


IndusInd Bank RuPay Visa clients can now advantageously start the Brought together  Installments Connection point (UPI) installments by essentially connecting their Visas with the UPIenabled Applications.


With the coordination of the card on UPI, people can make exchanges flawlessly on both on the web and disconnected stages and acquire sped up remunerations on their UPI exchanges.


Clients can change over remuneration focuses into explanation credit, and air miles, or browse numerous voucher choices through IndusMoments.


This joint effort plans to consolidate the general pervasiveness of UPI in India with the benefits of Mastercards.

Economy and Business

1. India’s SEA Signed MoU with Brazil’s ABIOVE for Supply of Soya Oil to India 

The Dissolvable Extractors’ Relationship of India (Ocean), a cooking oil industry body, and ABIOVE, the Brazilian Relationship of Vegetable Oil Ventures have marked a Notice of Figuring out (MoU) for close collaboration in soyabean oil supply to India.


The arrangement plans to help out the stockpile, use, and exchange of soybean, soya feast, what’s more, soyabean oil as well as oilseeds, oilseed items, and consumable oils market.


The MoU targets innovation trade for further developed oilseed development, stressing enhanced agrarian efficiency.


The center lies in cultivating logical and specialized partnerships, especially in oil dinners and vegetable consumable oils, commonly helping the two associations.


Signatories: The MoU was endorsed by Ajay Jhunjhunwala, Leader of Ocean, and Andre Meloni Nassar, Leader of ABIOVE.




In particular, India imports 3.5 to 4.0 million tons of soybean oil primarily from Latin America. Brazil is one of the significant providers of soyabean oil to India.


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