How can Time Management improve my learning in the context of Civil Service Examination?

It is a well known fact that time management is the most crucial factor while preparing for the Civil Service Examination. With its vast syllabus, preparing the entire syllabus of Civil Service Exams has become monumental task for students. So if there is one thing that could help IAS students in improving their learning it is Time Management. The best outcome of Time Management is that it helps in reducing stress about the limited time and helps you focus on the subject in hand.  Preparing a proper schedule will be different for each individual aspirant, it depends on their own speed & process of learning. There a few sources out there to help students in planning their own time managing routine, one those are the informative podcasts from “Tirumal Classes”. Not only time management there are several other insightful pieces of knowledge offered by these podcasts and it’s the easiest form of media which you can learn from.


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