How does TSPSC ensure the accessibility and inclusivity of examination facilities for candidates with special needs or disabilities?

At Tirumal TSPSC Classes, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for candidates with special needs or disabilities is a priority. We implement the following measures:

  • Provisions for Assistive Aids: We provide necessary assistive aids, including scribes, extra time, and accessible question papers.
  • Barrier-Free Infrastructure: Our examination centers are equipped with barrier-free infrastructure, enabling easy access for candidates with disabilities.
  • Sensitization and Training: We sensitize our staff to cater to the needs of candidates with disabilities and provide necessary training for their support.
  • Special Assistance Helpline: We have a dedicated helpline to address any concerns or queries related to accessibility and provide timely assistance to candidates with special needs.

Our commitment is to create an inclusive and supportive environment, ensuring equal opportunities for all aspirants in the TSPSC examinations.

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