How to prepare Indian History for UPSC CSE

Are you stuck with electing the subjects like Indian history to prepare for the upcoming 2023 UPSC examination, Don’t worry you are in the right place let’s decode each and every point in preparing for the exam and follow some prerequisites of already cracked students that gives us boost to be more concentrated in particular areas, which allow aspirants gain a good score in both(prelims and mains).syllabus and best UPSC institute for guidance in Hyderabad with this article and also one should know the importance of strategy exam preparation to crack the UPSC in a very short time, follow the article to know more.


Is opting for a subject like Indian History, Will be the right choice for UPSC exams?

Yes! With all the past experiences faced by students or aspirants, saying that a subject like Indian history cannot be dealt with by him or herself alone while preparing for exams, there must be backend support like the best UPSC institute in Hyderabad, so through which one can dive into that and tend to know all the hidden strategies, key points, and mind maps are very useful for not only for one subject it covers almost for all competitive exams. according to a survey conducted among the important subjects for UPSC CSE exams subjects like Indian history has a vast syllabus to complete for exams so the aspirants who opted for these subject should be well planned and given more time to cover all the topics which will appear for exam point of view, as usual, we need to set our mindset in such a way that every question should be in our fingertips while writing an exam it will be very easy. And it is also a popular optional subject, which ultimately depends on your interest. Lets us get into some of the advantages and disadvantages in terms of UPSC exams as picking up this subject is really static and doesn’t changes with time so an individual can easily prepare from previous route maps.on going with these there are plenty of books available in the market and a lot more online too. Moreover listing some of the disadvantages of Indian history because it is completely subject-oriented and for some aspirants requires a lot of rote memorization. which also has an impact on the score, most of the essay question in Indian history is often ambiguous, and this makes it harder while writing comprehensive answers. so in order to conclude the present topic one needs to have enough confidence to memorize the vast information with the guidance of the UPSC institute like Tirumal classes located in Hyderabad.


What will be the weightage of Indian history in both prelims and mains?

Heading the weightage of the optional subjects like Indian history in 2023, both terms of Mains and Prelims such as constantly change with time and exam perspective, there are topics that require strive to aspirants like modern, medieval, and ancient Indian history along with art and culture which covers under Paper-1 General studies percentage ranges in between 15-20% because of vast portion. when comes to Paper-2 of UPSC prelims and mains it may vary among 

20%-25% respectively of the total marks.

It is important for aspirants to go thoroughly study and revise Indian history as part of their UPSC preparation for the entire syllabus and this will impact the overall score in the final examination. in order to get all the exact information just stay tuned to UPSC institutes in Hyderabad.

Preparation strategy for Indian history for UPSC CSE examination?

Many students or aspirants tell that preparation for UPSC Civil Service Examination is a daunting task. But with the right approach toward UPSC  training institutes in Hyderabad who has a vast experience in it will become a good coach in order to crack the exams successfully where some of the paces are considered and to be noted while preparing with the right approach and resources bring you the expected outputs, let us discuss some of the tips that help to prepare Indian history for the UPSC CSE


  • The first step for strategy preparation: Understanding the paper pattern in exams like UPSC Will happen mainly in three stages as described Preliminary stage, Main Examination, and personal interview. The first stage has two objective-type questions that will come under General studies paper-1 consists of Indian history culture, world history, etc and paper-2 (CSAT) mainly consists of aptitude questions. The main examination has nine subjective questions of which one is an optional subject. generally considers in paper -1.


  • The second step for strategy preparation: Focuses on the syllabus, after understanding the paper pattern, one needs to carefully observe the Indian history section, although the syllabus is vast it covers the topic as mentioned in point-1, and essential to have a clear topic,sub-topics present in the current syllabus of 2023.


  • The third step for strategy preparation: Mainly discusses what type of resources are required for preparing for the UPSC CSE examination, many of them suggest NCERT books that provide a strong foundation for the subjects and cover the basics of Indian history in a simple and understandable manner, Read the NCERT books of classes 6th  to 12th thoroughly.
  • The fourth step for strategy preparation: After getting a glimpse of NCERT books let’s take a diversion towards segregation quality information standard books that are mostly preferred for Indian history such as 
  1. Ancient India by RS Sharma
  2. Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  3. Modern India by Bipin Chandra, Some of the online resources at present the internet have a vast ocean of information, available for Indian history, some of the popular websites in 2023 are
  4. Indian History and Architecture. 
  5. National Museum,  New Delhi Website
  6. ClearIAS, Indian History.
  7. Journeys across Karnataka. 
  8. Devdutt, Indian Mythology. Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  9. The History Haven for Indian history etc.
  10. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Website 
  11. Indian Council of Historical Research(ICHR) Website


  • The fifth step for strategy preparation: Collection of Newspapers and Magazines will help you to stay updated on regular current affairs related to Indian history, some of these are mentioned below 
  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express
  • Frontline 
  • Yojana etc.


  • The sixth step for strategy preparation:  Attending as many tests will aid you with the statistics of preparation left, This will help you get a feel for the type of questions asked from an actual exam point of view and improve your management skills. And revision is one of the crucial aspects that retained what you have learned, make sure to revise the topics indeed in the syllabus regularly.




The last and foremost important thing while preparing for the UPSC CSE Exams requires a disciplined approach and consistency that bring back the expected outcome, moreover for freshers aspirants, there will be suggestions to take a coaching class that is only meant for UPSC  institutes like Tirumal classes in Hyderabad. All the hard work and passion lead to acing your skills and help score a good percentage in exams.

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