National Civil Service Day 2023 – Meaning & Importance

National Civil Service Day - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1)

On occasion of National Civil Service Day on April 21st, let’s take a quick ride on what is the occasion about? What’s the significance of this day and what to remember as an UPSC aspirant. 

We have several important days focusing on government departments, but we’re talking about the only day that brings Civil service (in other words administrative) department into the limelight. 

We can’t deny a fact that it is the administrative department that holds the decorum of constitutional functioning at par in many sectors. 

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Let us now understand the origin of this day and what’s the meaning of this day.

What is National Civil Service Day?

National Civil Service Day is observed on 21st April of every year as a tribute to IAS, IPS and other public servants who’s round the clock dedicated service shapes up the outlook of the nation. 

Sansad TV very well quoted in their video that, it is only day in the calendar National Civil Service Day 2023 that’s dedicated to all sorts of government administrative workers as a token of respect that they deserve. 

The origin of National Civil Service Day began in the year 2006, observed on April 21st. 

Referring to the official UPSC site, it was created in the honor of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who was the first minister to recruit Civil staff.        

National Civil Service Day 2023- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel                                                                                            

Importance & Significance Of National Civil Service Day 2023

We sometimes don’t acknowledge the sacrifices a public servant makes to fulfil their job. For us, government job means, settlement of lifetime, but if you look at administrative department that includes IAS and IPS civil workers, we never give them due credit. 

Writer Akanksha Saxena wrote on The Logical Indian last year, When britishers left India, the administrative department was scrutinized under the name Imperial Civil Service, which was dethroned by Union Civil Service Commission that was announced on this day. 

A quora user named, Kamal Raj very well quoted of how a pregnant police officer was seen on duty during pandemic, and it was only in the news for a day or two. 

It would’ve been much longer on the headlines, if that was a movie actor. 

Message From Mr. Tirumal, Faculty for UPSC: UPSC aspirants must understand the importance and deep rooted impact that they’re gonna make to the nation and this is the only job that can help you make a change from India. Wishing you all on National Civil Service Day.

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