Plan For TSPSC Group 2 Exam

As,we all know about TSPSC group 2 exam which is said to be known as The Telangana State Public Service Commission Exam, there are total four papers in group 2

Paper-1 General Knowledge

Paper-2  History & Society

Paper-3 Economy Development

Paper-4 Telangana Movement & State Formation

An individual or the person preparing for the TSPSC economy group 2 exam needs to prepare all these papers and should qualify all these papers. The qualification criteria is mentioned by the TSPSC.


Now let’s dive into the article and we’ll see what is TSPSC group 2 exam, Best coaching centre for TSPSC group 2 exam and Plan for TSPSC group 2 exam.

What is the TSPSC Economy Group 2 Exam ?


The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) holds the TSPSC Economics Group 2 Test to select candidates for various positions within the state’s economic departments.


The TSPSC Economy Group 2 Test has questions about Telangana’s and India’s economies, covering subjects like finance, budgeting, planning, taxation, and banking. Candidates who successfully complete all parts of the exam, which consists of a written test and an interview are appointed to various Group 2 posts in the economic departments of the Telangana state government.


Candidates must thoroughly prepare for the TSPSC Economics Group 2 Exam in order to pass it because it is a competitive exam. To study for the exam, they can consult a variety of books and study resources on finance, economics, and related topics. In order to gain a sense of the exam format and the kinds of questions asked, students can also take practice exams and work through question papers from prior years.


Plan For TSPSC Group 2 Exam 

Plans for the TSPSC exam are dependent in nature as every individual has their set of plans to prepare for the exam. But here, we’ll see what are the elements which need to be kept in mind while preparing your plan so that you can master  your preparation and ace your exams.


  • Recognize the exam format and syllabus: Learn the exam format and material for the TSPSC Group 2 Exam. This will assist you in organising your study time and directing your attention to the crucial subjects.


  • Make a study schedule: Make a study schedule that covers the full exam syllabus and divides the topics into manageable portions. Depending on how tough each topic is and how well you know it, give it enough time.


  • Turn to common reference books and study aids: For information on general knowledge, current events, history, geography, the economy, and related topics. Have common reference books and study aids that will aid in your grasp of the ideas and help you become more adept at solving problems.


  • Exam questions from prior years and practise mock tests: To gain a sense of the exam format and the kinds of questions asked, practise mock exams and previous years’ question papers. This will also enable you to evaluate your degree of preparation and pinpoint your areas of weakness.


  • Review frequently: Review the subjects frequently to make sure you remember what you have studied. You’ll be able to answer questions more quickly and accurately by doing this.


  • Keep up with current events: Keep up with the most recent events affecting Telangana state, India, and the rest of the world. This will assist you in responding to inquiries about current events. 


  •  Improve your language abilities:  Reading books, Periodicals, and Newspapers helps to improve the language abilities which is an advantage to ace the exams with this you will gain better vocabulary and comprehension skills as a result.


  • Time management: Use time wisely while responding to the exam’s questions. Practice answering questions quickly and accurately to increase your speed and accuracy.


As we can see, this is the structural plan and foundation for the TSPSC economy  group 2 preparation. The best TSPSC coaching institute in Hyderabad is Tirumal Classes which have impeccable results and many of them who were part and have taken coaching from the Tirumal classes are said to be the achievers in their stream. 

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Best coaching Institute for TSPSC Economy Group 2 Exam 

Generally many of the individuals who prepare for any competitive exam, not only TSPSC but any competitive exam, firstly look for a coaching Institute, the most important aspect of the preparation. Here are some checkpoints to look out when you are searching or considering to join a coaching institute where these should be followed by the coaching institute 


  • Reputation and history: Research the institute’s reputation and history of successfully preparing students for the TSPSC Group 2 Test. You can look at internet testimonials, reviews left by former pupils, and exam success rates.


  • Faculty: Look into the background of the professors who will be instructing at the institute. Make sure they are knowledgeable and skilled in the issue.


  • Study Material :Assess the study materials provided by the institute to see if they are up-to-date and thorough enough to cover the exam’s syllabus.


  • Mock Tests :Make sure the institute offers frequent mock tests and practise sessions so you can gauge your level of preparation and enhance your performance.


  • Cost schedule :Examine the institute’s cost schedule to make sure it is reasonable and within your spending limit.


To gain a better understanding of the coaching methodology and environment, it is also important to go visit the institute and speak with the teachers and students. You may also ask colleagues or acquaintances who have taken TSPSC Group 2 Test preparation classes for advice. 

According to many state Newspapers and many of the content creators of Competitive exams Tirumal Classes have all these points which are aforementioned so do visit Tirumal classes and ace your exam like a pro.



TSPSC economy for group 2 exam is a competitive exam which is conducted by the TSPSC exam board. It consists of four papers, in order to appear for the exam an individual needs to prepare all these four papers. The best plan to clear the TSPSC exam is to recognise the exam format and the syllabus, make a study schedule and many more aspects which are aforementioned can be looked into in order to clear the TSPSC group 2 exam. Every individual faces this issue of choosing the coaching academy for the TSPSC exam because it is very confusing and we do not know which coaching academy to choose. We have mentioned all the points which describe the meaning of the best academy .So do not wait, go and ace your exam and master your preparation with flying colours.

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