To prepare for the IAS exams it is mandatory to stay in Delhi. Is it true?

Although in the past Delhi was considered the popular hub of IAS academies, it isn’t the case anymore. There are many well-established institutes which are situated in most major cities of South India with decorated and experienced faculty. In fact, as a South Indian moving to Delhi might result in unwanted external problems and distractions as a non-local resident. Not everyone can adapt to those distractions. In this era of online classes and e-learning, moving to Delhi might not be the best option for everyone. These dynamic online IAS courses can save you time and money. With enough research, IAS aspirants can easily discover top IAS academies in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. Which are much more accessible and affordable. Even though it comes down to personal preference, one should consider these possibilities before choosing Delhi for IAS coaching.

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