What are the common mistakes candidates should avoid during the interview?

During the UPSC interview, candidates should avoid common mistakes that may
negatively impact their performance. One of the key mistakes is exaggerating one’s
achievements or providing incorrect or misleading information. The panel appreciates
candidates who are sincere and truthful in their responses. Giving vague or unclear
answers can also create a negative impression. Candidates should strive to provide
precise and specific responses backed by relevant facts and examples. Being
argumentative or defensive in response to the panel’s questions should be avoided.
Instead, candidates should listen carefully to the questions and respond thoughtfully
without being overly confrontational. Maintaining a positive demeanor and showing
respect towards the interview panel and their questions is essential. Candidates should
also refrain from making derogatory or negative remarks about any person, organization,
or institution during the interview. Overall, demonstrating good communication skills,
humility, and professionalism can leave a positive impression on the interview panel.

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