What are the key subjects covered in the TSPSC Group-2 exam syllabus?

 In the TSPSC Group-2 exam syllabus at Tirumal TSPSC Classes, key subjects include:

  • General Studies and General Abilities: Covering current affairs, history, geography, economy, and reasoning abilities.
  • History, Polity, and Society: Emphasizing Telangana’s history, Indian Constitution, and societal issues.
  • Economy and Development: Focusing on economic concepts, planning, and development in Telangana.
  • Telangana Movement and State Formation: Detailing the state’s formation and the role of various movements.
  • Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning: Testing analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures thorough preparation, helping students excel in the TSPSC Group-2 examination.

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