What is the significance of understanding public international law and its impact on global governance for the UPSC exam syllabus?

Understanding Public International Law is crucial for UPSC exam preparation due to its impact on global governance. The significance lies in:

  • Diplomatic Relations: It aids in comprehending the intricacies of international relations and diplomatic practices.
  • Treaty Negotiations: Knowledge of international law assists in understanding the formation and implications of treaties and agreements.
  • Global Challenges: It equips aspirants with insights into tackling transnational issues like climate change, terrorism, and human rights violations.
  • Foreign Policy Formulation: Understanding international law is vital for formulating effective foreign policies that ensure a country’s interests are protected on the global stage.
  • Multilateral Organizations: Insight into international law is critical for comprehending the functioning of global organizations like the United Nations, WTO, and IMF.

This understanding fosters a comprehensive view of global governance, essential for excelling in the UPSC exam.

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