What subjects are covered in the TSPSC Group 2 exam syllabus?

In the TSPSC Group 2 exam syllabus at Tirumal TSPSC Classes, subjects are comprehensively covered to ensure thorough preparation. The main subjects include:

  • General Studies and General Abilities: Covering topics like current affairs, international relations, logical reasoning, and quantitative aptitude.
  • History, Polity, and Society: Focusing on historical events, Indian polity, and social issues.
  • Economy and Development: Examining economic concepts and developmental issues.
  • Telangana Movement and State Formation: Emphasizing the historical context and evolution of the state.
  • Science and Technology: Incorporating advancements in science and technology.

Our curriculum aims for a well-rounded understanding, preparing students comprehensively for the TSPSC Group 2 examination.

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